Top 5 Sustainable Australian Bedding Brands

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What better gift you can give to your skin than having luxury bed sheets and bedding to snuggle into? Even better when these sheets are made rather, are non-toxic and organic, you can sleep comfortably knowing no injury has been caused.

Here are five sustainable bedding brands offering comfy, soft, and silky smooth bed sheets and bedding that will assist you to get loads of zzzz’s and help you begin your day right.  Also, consider looking into interior styling services.  These professionals will have the most up to date information on product availability.


This Melbourne-based bedding manufacturer provides sheets and bedding made from organic bamboo lyocell, a renewable fabric that needs less than one tenth of the water required to grow conventional cotton. When there are mixed reactions from the sustainability community about bamboo cloth (it is not entirely as eco-friendly as you believe, this guide provides more information ) ettitude’s cloth is superior, utilising an innovative closed-loop system which recycles and reuses water to minimise waste and solvents used are non-toxic. Couple that with the fact that bamboo fabrics require minimal effort and water to grow and attitude is on eco-fire!

If you are following luxurious bamboo bed sheets, bedding set, pillowcases, sleepwear as well as bamboo baby wear, you will find it in ettitude.


Australian lifestyle brand Bhumi provides ethically-made, sustainable, toxin-free organic cotton bedding that is soft and luxurious. Besides the signature sheets, the company also supplies eco-friendly bath essentials, yoga wear and activewear, children’s wear and clothes principles such as tops, bottoms and underwear for both women and men.


EcoLinen is intent on doing good bed linen business. From building relationships with organic cotton growers, offering fair wages, using non-GMO cotton and ensuring utilisation of GOTS-certified organic cotton, this Australian sustainable bedding company aims to give you a restful night’s sleep while positively carrying out a business mission of positively — not — influencing farmers, workers and Earth.

The business is serious about health, offering bed sheets which add to the risk of allergic reactions, skin care problems or disrupts hormones.
Take note that to a lesser degree, the business features bamboo viscose bedding, but as mentioned previously, there are pros and cons to bamboo cloths so best to keep this in mind when buying ‘eco’ bed linen.

Mandala Dream Co

Letting your body breathe naturally is what it is all about for Mandala Dream Co. This Australian company takes your health and well-being seriously and only offers chemical-free, natural fibre hemp bed linen sheets that encourages a healthy, comfortable and peaceful rest. Hemp, as we all know, is a sustainable miracle crop and we love that Mandala is helping hemp material to get the attention it deserves.

Mandala Dream Co.’s rigorous environmental and ethical criteria give you peace of mind. You can enjoy high performing hemp bed sheets which are fair-trade, cruelty-free and constructed for durability, without sacrificing your health or that of the world.


Launched in 1997, ecodownunder sprouted with a vision of creating something which would provide superior eco-options for every family and every home. A true pioneer in the bed linen space, this brand has been helping to provide better options for almost 20 years! And we’re grateful for its contribution to a sustainable organisation. As a growing number of individuals are becoming conscious of their ecological footprint, this bedding manufacturer continues to commit to sustainable excellence, offering ranges which include the use of organic cotton, no harmful dyes or formaldehyde, zero synthetic fabrics and packaging that’s fully biodegradable. The organisation also believes in giving back, donating some funds to the Sea Shepherd ocean conservation organisation.

Generally, we spend a third of our lives. Choosing organic, all-natural, and cruelty-free sheets is among the smartest moves you’ll ever make and especially as we are living in such rapid modern times, a restful night’s sleep in sheets that are sustainable guarantees health and well-being too.  So kick those synthetic fabrics and linens to the curb and say hello to sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical mattress essentials.  No matter your style at home, if you’re going for a coastal interior design, these brands will set the look just right.

Disclosure: The curated list is based on the author’s research and doesn’t fully take into consideration all ethical considerations that are unique to every individual. Before making a purchase, we invite you to do your research paying particular attention to the supply chain along with your own specific set of integrity.