How to Start a Nail Salon At Home

home nail salon

Most business ideas flow when you are relaxing at home. Starting a nail business requires clear cut strategies. If you are enthusiastic about work-from-home businesses, a bridal makeup business or nail salon might make some sense. Also, selling skincare and nail products to boost your income can be done from home. However, home-based business improves with the integration of technology. You’ll see many accounts on Instagram displaying videos and pictures of nail salon products. Let’s show you ways of making positive impacts with a nail salon.

Strategies to Integrate 

It’s not enough to start a salon at home without thinking of ways to increase your customer base. Some nail-care customers may have busy schedules and so they look for more convenient and easily accessible alternatives. Converting your idea into a mobile salon brings more flexibility. It allows customers to invite you to their homes and offices, to offer your services. There are similarities between home-based and mobile salons. For both conditions, you don’t need a large workforce – you can pretty much run it yourself. It also saves a lot of money to run a business without a storefront.

Choose a Niche

When running a beauty business, it’s better to have a niche. Focus on what makes you different. That way you will grow your customer base organically, as people love to rave about unique experiences. Decide the type of nail salon that fits your preference and improve your skills. Nail grooming styles like nail art, manicures and pedicures are basic services. However, you can offer premium services like silk wraps, acrylic, fiberglass nail, and fancy nail gel extensions. This industry is a wide venture for creative stylists to thrive when they have cosmetology licenses. 


Regardless of running a home-based business, it’s better to create a small office with fancy decoration. Your workspace shouldn’t be a nail salon that serves as both bedroom and lounge. Instead, keep the office functional with a gallery to display your specialty beauty products. Also, office spaces should have a relaxing ambiance. Don’t forget to add massage chairs for customers to relax and soak their feet during a manicure.

Sell Fast Moving Products

Apart from fixing nails, you can maximize revenue by selling other products. Partnering with wholesale distribution companies that sell specialty products can boost your network. Also, it gives customers the chance to browse your selection of exfoliating gels, nail polishes, lotions, and accessories.

How Pricing Works

It’s better to understand your competitors’ rates before setting prices for your services. Also, target the right demographic of customers that need your type of services. Usually, salon prices are higher for customers that love luxury treatments. As a guide, the price list for your customers can be in digital format. When they visit your website, it should be easy to find out how much you charge for a session.

Social Media and Website

In our modern world, salon owners can’t achieve much without social media. However, having a functional website creates remote access to potential customers. When salon owners ask developers to create websites, some of them fail to insist on having user-friendly sites for customers. Also, website owners that don’t optimize their content will struggle to get targeted clients. Social media has the capacity to promote your services. You can start by ‘liking’ and ‘following’ your mentors and competitors on Instagram and Facebook. It keeps you informed about customers’ preferences, design trends, and industry events.

Insist On Using Quality Products

The quickest way to lose reputation and customers in the salon business is by using substandard products. Usually, negative impressions in business spread faster than positive news. By investing in high-quality nail care products, you’ll have more chances of strengthening your brand identity. Also, your new home-based salon business can resell products from manufacturers directly. This strategy will increase consumers’ confidence and generate profits.