How to Build a Great Career Page on Your Company Website

careers page on website

Companies that depend on teamwork need smart employees. The website of small and big businesses should have careers page with optimized content. For example, if you run a plastic surgery practice in Melbourne, you’d want to target the best possible medical professionals. So, in that case, you’d want to think about what they would search for online when they are looking for work. Maybe you should highlight your superior breast augmentation services to appeal to the right candidates. 

With this strategy, it’s easy for HR (human resources) managers and recruiters to attract new talent. Usually, websites with integrated features like career pages often make recruitment less complicated. 

Without technology, the method of recruiting employees will not be different from how it was done in the 19th century. Let’s discuss what entrepreneurs must do to create user-friendly career pages. 

Planning and Design

The role of building functional websites rests on the web developer. However, an employer that can’t work without posting vacancies needs a career page on the website. It’s normal to replace or fill vacant positions if existing employees don’t add much value. So, the HR department needs to collaborate and plan with website developers. 

It’s easy when the company has a team of IT professionals that can create websites. Usually, business owners and their colleagues discuss what aligns with the company’s preference. With this information, the developer can design the company’s career pages and highlight what makes the brand unique. This design should engage potential hires when they search for job announcements.

Integrate More Features

Many job seekers use mobile phones to attach files to their applications on careers pages. The company’s website must integrate technological features that are compatible with a range of devices that use the internet. By allowing mobile applications on your career page, you make it easy for people to send in their resumes and cover letters on the go.

Display the Brand

After choosing the right developer, the company career section should tell visitors about the brand. A couple of reviews from clients will help too. Add links to social media platforms, and upload content that shows the benefits of working in your company. The human resource department can update the career page with schedules of campus visits or job fairs. 

Usually, potential employees have their impression of the company’s brand. Ask your website developer to ensure eye-catching visuals like the logo and colour schemes. While it’s not a bad idea to use minimalistic designs, inconsistent visual elements and very large fonts cause eye fatigue for website visitors.

Get Inspired by Your Competitor’s Website Career Page

Competitors with modern strategies of recruitment like to do things differently. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to compare your business competitors’ career pages. Factors like their website content, designs, and navigation tools can boost your strategy. Also, your company career page needs visibility to attract the right employees.

Optimize With SEO

Use a keyword that is relevant to your business niche to attract job seekers to the career page. It’s necessary to optimize the content of your career page’s title, headlines, and headers. Without SEO, there will be less traffic to the career page when you advertise vacancies. Also, Google spider collects more information from websites that have much organic traffic. Grab your job applicants’ attention with catch ‘call to action texts, and encourage them to stay on your career page for a longer period of time.

Add Relevant Information

The best hire for your job opening needs the right impression to make snap decisions. These applicants understand that job-hunting is competitive, and they need relevant information to make the best decision. 

Consequently, the career page of your website should have contact details of the HR department and the company’s and mission. Also, the page can have a recruitment video like webinars that illustrate other relevant details for the job application process.

Update the Page Regularly

The company’s careers page is one of the most relevant parts of its website. With information from this career page, recruiters can conduct interviews, screen candidates, and set test questions. Keeping this page updated should be the company’s top priority when vacancies are open. Apart from visual elements, the web developer can integrate accurate map features to guide potential hires that need to locate the company.